Sunday Brunch Wrap - 19th May 2024

😰 Marketing Budgets Are Tanking and AI Is Finding Strava Cheats 🏃🏻‍♂️

👋 Hello fellow Ladderers!

Another express “wrap up” edition this week, however I wanted to ask a small favour if you’re a regular reader of The Ladder.

I’m considering making a premium version of The Ladder and wondered if you would give me your thoughts via a really quick survey?

This survey is critical in helping me understand what is most valuable to you and how I might kick this thing into action.

1,000 thank you’s for your support 🙏 

If you missed last week’s deep dive into BJ Fogg’s Behavioural Model and how you can integrate this across your product and marketing, you can catch-up here

I hope you enjoy.

Johnny used to work on the docks,

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🗞️ All The News That’s Fit To Click

🧰 Tools Glorious Tools

  • Reap: Turns long videos into short clips ready to share across your socials in seconds.

  • UserCall: lets you talk to hundreds of users instantly with the help of AI.

  • Guidejar: Create interactive product demos and step by step guides effortlessly.

  • Explain That Stuff: Hundreds of scientific concepts explained in a way that’s easy-to-understand and concise.

  • BreakOutClips: Create attention-grabbing 3D video ads that literally pop off your screen in seconds.

🙋 If You Got A Problem, Yo I’ll Solve It

Each week I'm here to answer any question you might have in the space of marketing, strategy, leadership, digital and everything in between.

Just hit 'reply' and let me know what's on your mind, and I'll share my answer with the community the very next week, including a special shout out (if you're into that, otherwise we can keep it anon) 🥸 

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