Sunday Brunch Wrap - 5th May 2024

🔗 LinkedIn Coming for Elon and Is Segment, Target, Position Over?!? 🤷

👋 Hello fellow Ladderers!

This week I’ve been travelling quite a bit, so I’m looking to introduce (when the schedule requires) a stripped-back, “wrap-up” style of edition that includes a simple selection of the finest news, links and updates from around the marketing web.

It’s not always easy finding the time to bang out a 2,000 word deep-dive on a weekly basis (especially as a one man band!). That being said I’ve still pulled together what I think are some humdinger articles and links for you to enjoy.

If you missed last week’s book summary of Jeff Bezos “Invent and Wander”, you can catch-up here

I hope you enjoy.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified,

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