Sunday Brunch Wrap - 7th July 2024

🙅‍♂️ Two-thirds Of Brands Bankroll Misinformation

👋 Hello fellow Ladderers!

Welcome to your express Sunday Wrap, this week:

  • Figma Cools It’s Jets On One-Click AI Design

  • Two-thirds Of Advertisers Bought Ads On Misinformation

  • The Truth About Competition And Your Advertising

  • A Tool To Build And Ship AI-Based Apps Faster Than You Can Say “Siri”

If you missed last week’s unwrapping of Spotify Wrapped’s secrets, you can catch-up here

🗞️ This Week’s Under-The-Radar Headlines

  • 🤦 Ad Dollars Down the Rabbit Hole: Brands Bankroll Misinformation (link)

  • 🥷 Figma’s AI Faceplants Directly Into Apple’s Design (link)

  • 👎️ X Marks the Downvote: Thumbs-Down Considered to Tackle Trolling (link)

  • 🍏 Apple Joins OpenAI Board As Part of The iOS Deal (link)

  • 👋 Oracle Advertising Bows Out: How Adobe and Salesforce Won the Ad Tech War (link)

🔗 The Best Bits Of LinkedIn This Week

  • 📵 There’s No Getting Around The Damage Social Media And Phones Are Doing (link)

  • 🤳 Why You Should Reframe The Way You Think About Social For Your Brand (link)

  • 🤔 If Brands Are Built Over Years, Why Are They Managed Over Quarters? (link)

  • 🪤 Yes, Only 1% of Clicks Go To Paid Ads on Google Search (link)

🧰 Only The Finest Tools For You

  • 📤️ AirClap - Send Any File To Any Device Anytime

  • 🔩 - Transform Jira Tickets Into Shareable Roadmaps And Release Notes.

  • 🧠 AriGlad - Auto Create & Update Knowledge Base Articles

  • 🥷 DesignFoundations - Turn Any Website Into The Base Of Your Design System

Thanks for climbing this week,

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