Sunday Brunch Wrap - 9th June 2024

Boring WIP Today? CEO Suggest You Send Your AI Stand-In Along

👋 Hello fellow Ladderers!

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to play host to around 180 of the finest marketing and technology leaders in Australia at the inaugural Martech World Forum.

Turns out there’s quite a bit of work being chairperson for a world class event (my first time) - so this week we have an express wrap-up edition of the finest links, news and tools I’ve curated for you from across the web.

If you missed last week’s deep dive into Ryan Holidays Perennial Seller, you can catch-up here

I hope you enjoy.

Well, it's one for the money, two for the show,

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  • - Turn Your Business Dreams into Reality with AI-Powered Planning

  • - The Ultimate Productivity Superapp for Chat, Docs, Meetings, and More – All Free!

  • - Unlock the Web: Bypass Paywalls and Access Gated Content for Free

  • - OutExcel That Guy In Finance: Instantly Generate Formulas, Regex Patterns, and VBA Scripts With Zero Training

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